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Breast Cancer – How Can We Prevent Breast Cancer?

How Can We Prevent Breast Cancer?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are over 3.1 million women in the United States that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, death rates have drastically dropped almost 40% in the last two decades. This is due to early-detection methods, increased awareness, and advances in treatment options. Some of the factors that leave […]

Breast Cancer – How Can We Prevent Breast Cancer?

Liver Cancer Awareness Month

October is Liver Cancer Awareness Month, an important recognition of a type of cancer not many know about. This month calls attention to the fact that there are two types of liver cancer: hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma. The liver is one of the largest organs in the human body and has many functions. It filters […]

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