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5 healthy fall foods – 5 Healthy Fall Foods

5 Healthy Fall Foods

It’s that time again! A new season means new seasonal ingredients for delicious dishes! We’re going to look at the top 5 healthy fall foods and their nutritional benefits and recipes. After all, eating in season is a great way to get inexpensive produce and try new meals.

5 healthy fall foods – 5 Healthy Fall Foods

Happy Healthy Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner! The famous holiday known for its jack-o-lanterns, costumes, spookiness, and trick or treat nights is also known for its unhealthy amount of sweets and candy. Whether you’re taking your kids out for trick or treat, or hosting your own Halloween party for friends, an excess of candy may seem […]

5 healthy fall foods – 5 Healthy Fall Foods

Wearing Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness

October is the month to wear pink. Men, women, athletes, celebrities and more are spreading awareness throughout the month of October for Breast Cancer by sporting pink attire and the pink breast cancer ribbon. Though wearing pink is an effective method of raising awareness for this disease, it’s important to understand the facts of breast […]

5 healthy fall foods – 5 Healthy Fall Foods

My Story: Healthy Living Program Testimonials

The Harrisburg Area YMCA has recently embarked on a Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Initiative to expand the LiveSTRONG at the YMCA, National Diabetes Prevention, and Tobacco Cessation programs in our Harrisburg Area YMCAs. Many lives have been positively impacted by these programs, and we would like to share some of their testimonies.

5 healthy fall foods – 5 Healthy Fall Foods


It is always exciting to be able to announce a major new initiative and I am pleased to have the opportunity to share with you some very exciting news.

5 healthy fall foods – 5 Healthy Fall Foods

Preparing For A Marathon

  It’s marathon season, folks. Many are getting ready to run 26.2 miles during an all-day event in major cities around the world. Many popular and highly attended races are being held in the next month or so, including:

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