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leap day – What You Didn't Know About Leap Day

What You Didn’t Know About Leap Day

366 days in 2016. The Leap Year event happens every four years, adding an extra day to our calendar year in February. The reasoning behind this phenomenon is astronomical – as in the earth’s complete orbit around the sun takes an average of 365.25 days. Thus, to compensate for the extra ¼ of a day, […]

leap day – What You Didn't Know About Leap Day

A History of Helping: Open Doors at the YMCA

The YMCA is much older than many people realize. For over 160 years, YMCA has been a “home away from home” for the community, and our goal has been to keep our doors open to all in the community regardless of their financial situation.

leap day – What You Didn't Know About Leap Day

Love Your Heart

Love is in the air this month! February, known for its Valentine’s Day holiday, also happens to be the month that our nation celebrates hearts. Not the metaphorical “heart” consisting of love, romance, and emotion, but the physical kind – the one beating inside of you. During the month of February, WomenHeart: The National Coalition […]

leap day – What You Didn't Know About Leap Day

Wearing Red, Changing Hearts

For 13 years, the American Heart Association and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute have been changing hearts. Every first Friday in February, the organization brings awareness to heart disease and stroke after discovering that it is the number one killer of women each year. Donations are received by men and women across the nation, […]

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