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A Place For Family

I am Darren Gill, the father of two daughters (Kaleigh, 12 and Kendra, 6) in the YMCA Adventure Guides program.  Our family has been part of the Adventure Guides program for 5 years.  Adventure Guides is a chance to spend some dedicated time with my daughters.  Its events allow me to devote time to focus […]

Better food for Healthier Kids!

In communities that lack supermarkets, families depend on corner stores for food purchases. The choices at these stores are often limited to packaged food and very little, if any, fresh produce. Corner stores are also frequent destinations for children, many of whom stop daily on the way to and from school for snacks. A study published […]

A Summer of Learning

Like many parents with autistic children, Lisa Taylor worries about finding appropriate summer time experiences for her 12-year old daughter Nat. “Every year we struggle to find a place where Nat has a chance to be with her typically developing peers,” says Lisa. This year, Nat was part of the East Shore Branch’s summer camp […]

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