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How gift giving touches the lives of seniors

In 2006, Be a Santa to a Senior volunteers visited a local nursing facility and distributed gifts to a number of residents, including one 87-year-old woman whom we’ll call Mary. She was pleased to receive her gift and thanked us profusely, but it wasn’t until we returned to give Mary another gift in 2007 that we recognized the […]

Relationships that matter

Mike and former co-worker Karen Mashinski, often walk or run together along Riverfront Park. Thirty-Five years ago, in August 1978, Mike Davis walked in the front door of Millers Mutual Insurance as a new employee.  Shortly thereafter, Mike says he felt blessed when he walked out the back door and realized the proximity of the […]

Stay Warm with Winter Workout Classes!

The winter air is chilly, and it is a bear to run outside in the cold. Indoor group exercise classes are great for outdoor summer runners and walkers because it is a completely different workout and it is good to shake up your routine. Here at the YMCA, we offer a multitude of group classes […]

Fascinating New Technology Brings Independence to the Disabled

With technology constantly improving it is hard to keep up with all of its incredible uses. In 2013, a couple of devices were given to disabled people for trials, and the results were phenomenal. The articles I found show the power of trying something new, and being surprised by the results. This concept is frequently […]

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