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Did you know that nearly 80% of American Adults don’t get recommended exercise? According to a study run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only about 20.6% of adults reach this recommendation per week; almost a third of these people are between the ages of 18 and 24 (CDC Exercise Study). But why? Simply put, a lack of time is to blame. Throughout busy days, it can be hard for adults to find the time to commute to the gym. It is difficult to have a beneficial workout while attempting to balance a collection of other things. This can be extremely problematic in that physical inactivity can lead to a variety of health problems, especially in older adults. Luckily, a solution to this issue has arrived: home workouts with My Virtual Y.

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What is My Virtual Y?

As the world continues to become more electronically-based, the YMCA plans to stay on the cutting edge of all technological advances for the convenience and satisfaction of their members. Starting on October 1st, 2017, the Harrisburg Area YMCA launched a brand new wellness initiative called My Virtual Y. With an assortment of helpful tabs, My Virtual Y allows YMCA members to access everything you could possibly need for an at-home workout. Not only that, but this service is free with your membership.

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What are some benefits of My Virtual Y?

Some of the benefits of My Virtual Y are its online video library, nutrition tracker and Fitbit integration, downloadable workout plans, and much more. This includes the nutrition tracker, which not only tracks your meals, but also weight loss, blood pressure, and your BMI. The online video library is vast and includes a variety of high-quality videos spread over many different categories. Detailed video descriptions make it easy to find exactly what type of video you’re looking for! Some of the videos you’ll be working out to in your living room are filmed at your local YMCA and are led by some of your favorite trainers.

You don’t have to stop going to your local Y once you’ve signed up for My Virtual Y. With downloadable and printable workout programs, you’ll be able to go into the wellness center with a plan. In addition, My Virtual Y isn’t just intended for tracking; you can interact with other members by using the community tab. The Healthy Living tab allows you to read articles and watch videos on wellness. You’ll be able to optimize your lifestyle to fit in your fitness goals.  This is all a free bonus for your already existing membership to the Harrisburg Area YMCA! If you choose to complete all of your workouts and training at one of our branches, these tools help you make your sessions more productive and efficient.

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My Y Coach

Most noteworthy, My Virtual Y is versatile in that it fits every lifestyle. “My Y Coach” can assist all members, from youth and special needs to elderly and preventative care. This added benefit contacts you with a personal trainer who can fit your specific needs. This wellness initiative allows you to track your volunteering, donations, and family activity. My Virtual Y reminds us that physical fitness is not the only significant facet of good health!

The Y has made it effortless for members to access this new technology. Upon signing up, there is a tutorial walkthrough for members. Social media integration is available so that you can share workouts with your friends. Using these tools, My Virtual Y is your path to a new lifestyle where you can work out, train, and diet within your own time. You can create your healthy living the way you want it without having to rush to the gym. To conclude, take control of your life with My Virtual Y!

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Nate Christian and Callie Miles, Marketing Interns

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