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youth soccer

Youth Soccer Programs

At the Harrisburg Area YMCA, it is our desire to provide a variety of youth sports programs to fit every age and interest. Soccer is a great avenue for youth to stay active, improve motor skills, and make new friends!

Soccer is a team sport, and as such, can help youth feel connected to a cause bigger than themselves. Not only does soccer allow children to work together in a team environment, but it can help a child build his or her self-confidence. The communal nature of the sport encourages team members to find excitement in each other’s successes and build one another up for the good of the team. Not to mention, this team sport can help youth improve communication on and off the field, ultimately playing a role in developing social skills.

In addition to mental and social benefits, soccer is a great avenue for youth to stay active, improve endurance, and increase their balance and coordination. The sport include lots of aerobic exercise as youth are encouraged to run up and down the field in offensive and defensive positions.

Youth Soccer is currently available at our Camp Curtin and West Shore YMCA branch locations. Click on your preferred branch below to learn more about the program!

Camp Curtin YMCA

At the youth soccer program at the Camp Curtin YMCA, your child will learn basic soccer skills, but more importantly, they will receive nutrition education and positive character skills! The program uses soccer as its vehicle for positive youth development.

Registration for the Youth Soccer program includes a Camp Curtin YMCA membership. In partnership with the JT Dorsey Foundation and the Harrisburg City Islanders, both spring and fall seasons are held throughout the year.

Dates: September 15 through October 27, Wednesdays and Fridays only

Soccer for ages 4-5 will be held from 6pm to 7pm.
Soccer for ages 6-12 will be held from 6pm to 7:30pm.

Fees: $60 per child (includes T-shirt, socks, and YMCA Membership)
Location: Camp Curtin YMCA

For more information about the JT Dorsey Foundation, please visit or call 717-329-8937. To register for this program, please contact the Camp Curtin YMCA at 717-238-9622 or visit their Welcome Center.

West Shore YMCA

Spring 2017 U-7 Soccer is a 4-week instructional program that helps players develop skills while learning about teamwork and sportsmanship. During this program, children will learn the basics of soccer and play in organized league games. Players must have non-metal cleats and shin guards in order to participate.

Ages: 4-6 – MUST be 4 and MUST NOT turn 7 prior to April 8, 2017.

Location: Lemoyne Memorial Park
Located on Hummel and/or Herman Ave. (behind the baseball field & pool)

Facility Member: $55
Program Member: $75

Contact Bryan Chittester for more information:

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