Youth Dance

youth dance

Youth Dance Classes

Dancing is a highly physical activity and a great way for kids to stay active! In addition to being a way for children to release energy at a younger age, dancing is a great way to develop a child’s flexibility, strength, posture, and coordination.

In dance, students are taught proper fluid movements, poses, and exercises. In addition, dance classes are a great way for children to meet new friends and develop social skills. Performing dances in a class setting can help youth build their self-esteem and reduce future performance anxiety! Youth Dance classes at the Harrisburg Area YMCA provide an encouraging, supportive environment for youth to learn, grow, and thrive!

Camp Curtin YMCA Youth Dance

The Camp Curtin YMCA is now offering youth dance classes for students ages 5-16! The Youth Dance class offers a variety of styles for participants to learn including marching, dancing, baton, tap, and flag twirling. All levels of experience are welcome and everyone is encouraged to come out and join the fun!

Fees: FREE with YMCA Membership

Contact the Camp Curtin YMCA at 717-238-9622 for more information or to sign up.

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