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junior olympic volleyball

Junior Olympic Volleyball League

The Junior Olympic Volleyball League is a competitive travel program that consists of try-outs, two weekly practices, weekend tournaments, position-focused practices, and dedicated, knowledgeable coaching staff to develop fundamentally sound players. The program is available at the West Shore YMCA and the season runs from December to April. Our JO Volleyball is geared towards children ages 10 – 18 years old.

Overview of the program:

The West Shore YMCA is a member of both the Keystone Regional Volleyball Association (KRVA) and AAU. All teams will register and compete in AAU as well. This competitive program allows players to practice up to 4 hours per week and participate in various tournaments, held on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Junior Olympic Volleyball Clubs offer young athletes the opportunity to develop skills, play and compete in volleyball.

If you have questions, please contact Bryan Chittester at 717-737-9622 or by email at bryan.chittester@ymcaharrisburg.org. Click below to access forms, dates, and additional information about the program.

2017-2018 Tryout Dates:
October 29th – U12/U13/U14: Times TBA

November 12th – U15-U18: Times TBA
November 14th – U15-U18: Times TBA

Club Brochure
Practice Schedule

Tryout Information

Tryout Information & Fees

Tryouts will focus on the individual skills and athleticism of each candidate. Drills will be run to give the coaches a picture of your serving skills, passing skills, setting ability, lateral quickness, jump reach and finally, your ability and willingness to take instruction. We will focus on offensive and defensive knowledge and skills in game situations. Additionally, we focus on how each candidate handles the stress of game situations.

The final roster will be selected at the end of tryouts. A committee of our coaches will have input into each decision, with the final decision being the prerogative of the head coach.

U12-U14 Teams: Parents and/or guardians are welcome to attend tryouts.

U15-U18 Teams: To foster an environment that is focused and without unnecessary distractions, we ask that all spectators remain outside of the gym during tryouts. We appreciate your support and ask that you respect our closed tryout policy.

We do welcome spectators during the regular season practices!

Pre-Registered – $30.00

Late-Registration and/or Walk-in – $40.00

Tryout Dates

2017-2018 Tryout Dates:
October 29th – U12/U13/U14: Times TBA

November 12th – U15-U18: Times TBA
November 14th – U15-U18: Times TBA
Location: West Shore YMCA

U15 – U18 (Will have 2 rounds of tryouts; 2nd date is Nov. 14th)
U15 – U18 Times: TBA
KRVA Registration begins September 2017.

Tryout Checklist

1. Register for tryouts (you may register in person or call the YMCA 717-737-9622)
2. Register with KRVA & AAU (see instructions & information below)
3. Complete the medical and player profile forms (must be turned in at tryouts)
4. Proof of KRVA & AAU registration must be provided at tryouts

Items needed to be turned in at tryouts:
1. Registration Form (if you haven’t turned in yet)
2. Medical Form
3. Player Profile Form
4. Proof of KRVA & AAU registration

KRVA Registration:
1) Log on to www.krva.org
2) Scroll over top of tab “Juniors”, then click on member registration.
3) On the right hand side, click “New Member” on right side of page. For returning players, click “Webpoint login”
4) Choose KRVA Junior membership
5) When able to choose a club, select UNDECIDED. If you do not make a team with our club, this will allow you to tryout with another club if you so choose. If you are offered and accept a position with our club, you will then need to affiliate your daughter with the WSY.
6) Print your KRVA card

AAU Registration
1) www.aausports.org
2) The right-hand side of the screen, click on join AAU.
3) Then, click on Get a Membership, followed by Youth Athlete Membership.
4) Go through the registration process.
5) There will be a question that says, Are they a member of a club?, select yes and find the West Shore YMCA. If needed our Club Code is WWE9FF
6) Call me if you have any issues or questions.

Things to bring with you at tryouts:
1. Tryout Registration Form and $40.00 (if you haven’t yet registered).
2. KRVA & AAU Membership Cards and proof of payment – You can print this immediately after registering. If you did not do this when registering, log back into your KRVA and/or AAU accounts and print membership.
3. Completed USAV 2017-18 Medical Release Form, print, and filled out (located in the YMCA Forms link).
4. WSY Player Profile Form (located in the YMCA Forms link).
5. A tryout T-Shirt will be provided.

After Tryouts

1. Team selections will be posted on our website, by Noon on Monday, TBA. Click on your daughter’s team under the 2017-2018 teams, on the website homepage. http://www.ymcaharrisburg.org/westshore/youth/sports/junior-olympic-volleyball-club/

2. Players will have 4 days from tryouts to accept our offer. Your daughter’s tryout number will be posted on the website. Once a player accepts a spot, I will then put their name on the website. If the 4 days pass and I do not hear from you, then a spot will open to another player.

3. If your daughter accepts our offer, then you will need to e-mail Bryan Chittester – bryan.chittester@ymcaharrisburg.org and CC – offers@krva.org. An example of acceptance: My daughter, ________________, would like to accept or decline the offer, from The West Shore YMCA, to play on the 14 _____________ (Add Teal or Black if necessary) Team during the 2017-2018 season.

4. After accepting our offer, please log back into KRVA and pay the remaining $40.00 membership fee. Also, please affiliate your daughter with the West Shore YMCA.

5. If your daughter does make the original roster, then you will automatically be put on our waitlist. If a player on the original roster declines our offer, then a spot will open. Waitlist spots will open based on the team’s position needs.

6. Practices will begin Sunday, December 3rd.

7. Credit Card Draft Agreement Forms will be due by December 8th.
– I will e-mail this form to you, after team selections.

Forms and Policies

Credit Card Draft Agreement Forms

U12-U14 Credit Card Draft Agreement Form

U15-U18 Credit Card Draft Agreement Form

KRVA and AAU Information


KRVA Link: http://www.krva.org/

Junior Girls are required to take the Tryout memberships ($15) which are valid from September 1, 2017, through December 31, 2017. You must upgrade to a full JR MEMBERSHIP once you have accepted an offer from a club beginning on November TBA 2017. If the player has committed to a club in a region other than Keystone, please request a region change BEFORE you upgrade your membership. There will be NO REFUNDS for any memberships including Junior Memberships.
When registering please leave your club affiliation as undecided until you have committed to a club. When you are ready to affiliate:
1. Login to your account
2. Choose Member Profile under Member Area
3. Click on the down arrow on the right where it says Club to open the box, locate the correct club and click on it
4. After making sure the correct club has been selected scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Edit Contact Info
5. A pop-up will appear letting you know the information was updated – click OK
6. Log out


AAU Link: http://www.aausports.org/

All teams will also register with AAU. AAU memberships will provide us with more tournament options and many of these tournaments are closer to home. Please be sure to affiliate your daughter with the West Shore YMCA. If needed, our Club Code is WWE9FF.

The cost of AAU membership in 2016 was $16.00 per year.

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