LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA is an evidence-based program that helps adult cancer survivors reclaim their health and well-being following a cancer diagnosis. The program is provided to the survivor at no cost, and includes a free YMCA membership for the participant and their family. Participating YMCAs create a welcoming community in which survivors can improve their strength and physical fitness, diminish the severity of therapy side effects, develop supportive relationships, and improve their quality of life.

Since 2007, the LIVESTRONG® Foundation has been the YMCA’s partner in developing and delivering LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA.


On May 4th, 2013, Maureen (Micky) was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. Not long after, she started daily chemotherapy and radiation treatment to shrink the tumor. Maureen said, “I started the program to be able to keep up with and play with my 5 grandchildren and I have accomplished that goal easily. I feel much healthier than I have in over 3 years, plus I’ve lost over 30lbs.”

"Everyone in my class had the same mentality I did, we are stronger than our cancer.”

Micky worked with trainers and fellow LIVESTRONG® participants at the East Shore YMCA during the pilot program this year. The best part of the program for her was working with the other participants, who quickly became her family at the YMCA. “Everyone in my class had the same mentality I did, we are stronger than our cancer,” she said. “The LIVESTRONG® program has made me strong again, and I highly recommend it for all cancer survivors.”



  • Small group, supportive environment
  • 12-week program with two 90-minute sessions per week
  • Includes cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, balance, and flexibility exercises
  • Held in YMCA Wellness Centers
  • Evaluation includes Functional and Quality of Life assessments before and after participation
  • Facilitated by YMCA-certified Instructors
  • Includes 12-week Family Membership


Any adult 18 years old or older who is living with or beyond cancer treatment.

Participation requires pre-registration through the YMCA. Please contact the YMCA Center for Healthy Living for more information about current and upcoming sessions.


Programs are starting soon at our YMCA branches in Harrisburg, Camp Hill, and Elizabethville. To sign up please call Susan Jacobs, Executive Director of Healthy Living at 717-232-3751 or to learn more and get signed up!

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