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Diakon Family Life Services Trauma Therapy

Trauma often causes people to struggle with memories or other thoughts about the traumatic event or events that occurred in their past. In fact, if you have experienced such an event, you may have a hard time making sense of what happened. You may also be dealing with depression or anxiety. Most individuals who have experienced a traumatic life event have a difficult time with day-to-day tasks or self-care after having lived through it. (Diakon.org)

Knowing the effects that traumatic events can have on an individual, the Camp Curtin YMCA has partnered with Diakon Family Life Services – Capital Region to provide Trauma-Focused Therapy Services for adults and children who have experienced trauma, including childhood sexual abuse. We now offer these therapy services directly in our Camp Curtin YMCA facility for those located near Uptown Harrisburg.

Diakon Family Life Services focuses on Trauma-Focused Behavioral Treatment for children and adolescents, along with Cognitive Processing Therapy for adults. Through therapy, individuals can find the help and support they need to overcome trauma-related symptoms. Those who attend therapy sessions with us tend to have few symptoms of trauma, improved communication, decreased stress and anxiety, increased ability to navigate thoughts and feelings, and other positive side-effects.

If you or someone you know has experienced a traumatic event and is looking for relief, please visit Diakon’s website HERE to learn more about these services. To apply, please call Diakon Family Life Services at (717) 795-0330 to learn more or to schedule help at the Camp Curtin YMCA location.

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