Teen Strength Certification

At the Harrisburg Area YMCA, we seek to promote healthy living and safety for our members. The YMCA’s Wellness Centers are available for use for all facility members and its here that we seek to provide a variety of fitness equipment for your needs. However, the YMCA desires to make sure that the equipment used in the wellness centers are used safely and correctly by all so that each member can reap the maximum benefit from our facilities.

Because of this, we require that all members ages 10 to 14 complete our Teen Strength Certification program if they wish to utilize the YMCA’s Wellness Center. It is free to all facility members!  In this Teen Strength Certification class, teens will learn how to utilize the wellness center equipment properly for their own safety and the safety of others.

Ready to get your teen certified? For more information on this program, please contact your local YMCA branch.

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