Tai Chi

Tai Chi Fitness Classes

Tai Chi is the perfect class for those who are looking for low-impact fitness to help improve overall balance and flexibility. The Tai Chi classes offered at the Harrisburg Area YMCA are a gentle Chinese martial art that involves fluid, choreographed movements. It is an effective exercise for seniors or for anyone seeking improved balance, coordination, flexibility and strength, as it is low impact.

Tai Chi puts minimal stress on the muscles and joints and actually helps fight stress in a relaxed and gentle manner. It is meditation in motion and is a great fitness program for anyone of any age! There are many different styles of Tai Chi practiced today, but the outcomes are similar. Our fitness instructors will help you get the most out of this meditative class, no matter what your skills or ability.

Tai Chi is available at our West Shore and East Shore YMCA branches. The program is free for members, and is open to program members for a small fee. For class availability, please visit our schedules page to learn more!

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