Sit and Be Fit

Sit & Be Fit Exercise Classes

The YMCA desires to provide classes for a variety of fitness levels, ages, and strengths. Our Sit & Be Fit program is designed to work on increasing muscle strength, flexibility and core strength for balance, all the while using your own body resistance, light weights and exercise bands! Using a chair, the class works with resistance bands & light weights to give you a workout without being on your feet.

This low-impact exercise is perfect for older adults to build strength and stay active. This exercise program provides you the opportunity to strengthen your muscles without the impact of running or intense movements. Come try the best-seated workout you’ve ever experienced!

Sit & Be Fit is available at our East Shore, West Shore, and Northern Dauphin County YMCA branches for our Active Older Adults. Advanced classes are available at select branches, as well. Class is free for facility members, but is open to program members for a small fee.

Class schedules vary per location, so visit our schedules page to find out what Sit & Be Fit classes are available at a YMCA branch near you!

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