Senior Strength

senior strength

Senior Strength Training Classes

Strength training is extremely important to your health, and even more so as you age. Age-related muscle loss is common in older adults, and a lack of muscle attributes to a decrease in bone mass. Strengthening your muscles in various areas throughout the body can aid in balance control, energy levels, and can help reduce chances of heart disease and injury.

Strength training in a safe and effective manner can help improve your overall quality of life and long-term health. The Harrisburg Area YMCA provides Senior Strength classes at the East Shore branch to help members improve their muscular strength in a positive and secure environment.

Senior Strength is a 45-minute class that is designed to increase muscular strength and endurance in older adults. Resistance exercises are performed for all major muscle groups in the Wellness Center. Weight machines, free weights, and additional resistance equipment are utilized to increase bone density and muscle strength.

Senior Strength classes are not excessively strenuous on the body and are designed to help you reach your muscle mass goal. Our certified fitness instructors will help you utilize the proper equipment for your strength level. This class offers modifications so that active seniors and beginner exercisers both benefit.

This program is currently available at the East Shore YMCA branch. For more information on session dates and times, please visit the East Shore YMCA schedules page on the website!

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