Golden Lite

golden lite

Golden Lite Fitness Classes

Golden Lite at the Harrisburg Area YMCA is designed for moderately active older adults. This class includes low impact aerobics and strength training to help build muscle mass and bone health.

Participants throughout the class will focus on flexibility, joint stability, balance, coordination, and muscular strength. All of the exercises are practiced to help you feel stronger and healthier as you age through simple exercises, stretching, and balance training. The exercises are safe for individuals on various fitness levels, and modifications are available, is needed.

The instructors at the Harrisburg Area YMCA are certified and dedicated to help you reach your fitness goals. The purpose of the Golden Lite class is to help build you up physically in a comfortable, supportive, group environment.

Golden Lite is currently available at the West Shore YMCA branch and is open to adults of all ages. Classes meet regularly in the Multi-Purpose Room throughout the week. Dates and time are subject to change, so please visit the schedules page at your local YMCA to find out when this class is available at a branch near you!

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