Fitness 101

fitness 101

Fitness 101 Class

Are you relatively new to exercise? Have you been focusing on cardio exercises and want to learn more? Our Fitness 101 class at the West Shore YMCA is available to those who are new to fitness and may not wish to pursue one-on-one personal training. This small, group training class is coached by a personal trainer to provide you with the knowledge to successfully incorporate strength training into your own workouts!

Strength training utilizes resistance in order to enhance and increase muscle mass, build anaerobic endurance, and strengthen your bones. Strength training can be completed through your body’s natural resistance or through a variety of weighted equipment. By practicing a variety of exercises, Fitness 101 participants will learn how to properly and safely exercise and strengthen their muscles. Our certified instructors will help each participant achieve their health goals in a comfortable, encouraging environment.

Open to both men and women of all ages, this 45-minute class starts each month and meets twice per week in the new Functional Training Center at the West Shore YMCA.

Session Dates
February 1-24, 2018
March 1-24, 2018

Days and Times
Thursdays from 11:00 am to 11:45 am
Saturdays from 9:00 am to 9:45 am


  • Facility Members – $35
  • Programs Members – $50

To register for the Fitness 101 class, please visit the Welcome Center in the lobby of the West Shore YMCA. Class is limited to 6 participants.

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