Boot Camp

Boot Camp Fitness Classes

The Harrisburg Area YMCA provides Boot Camp, Boot Camp Intervals, and a Boot Camp Express class  (45-minute version of Intervals class) at select YMCA branches. As with all cardio and strength training, there are always modified ways of performing an exercise! Our instructors promote a “do as you can” attitude, so you will always feel comfortable with your level and ability in the class.

Boot Camp

This class utilizes standard weightlifting exercises while incorporating cardio, fast movements, short breaks, and high repetition. Typically, the class is comprised of 5 sections, a brief warm-up to get the heart rate elevated and body stretched, followed by a power section. The third is geared toward more cardio while still incorporating weights, while the fourth and fifth focus on core strengthening, cool-down, and stretching.

Boot Camp Intervals

Our Boot Camp Intervals include circuit style strength training with the use of interval methodology. These total body workouts focus on bursts of cardio, followed by strength building exercises. The weights included in this class include hand weights, tubing, body bar, and body resistance. The cardio exercises in this class include running, jumping rope, jumping jacks, and calisthenics.

The class incorporates Tabata protocol to keep your heart rate elevated, helping you achieve optimal health. The incorporation of weights, cardio, and plyometrics allow participants to strengthen multiple areas of the body (lungs, muscles, and flexibility) in a short period of time. If you enjoy challenging and varied workouts that will help to increase your endurance and focus on strengthening the whole body, this class is right for you. Modifications are offered to accommodate all fitness levels to ensure a comfortable experience for all.

Visit your local YMCA schedules page to find out when this class is available at a branch near you!

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