Abs and Back

Abs and Back Fitness Classes

Your abs and back muscles are an important part of the body and help with posture, balance, and flexibility. At the Y, we want to help you target and strengthen individual areas of the body where we can, which is why we have created the Abs and Back class available at our Northern Dauphin County YMCA!

The Abs and Back class is designed to increase your core strength and reduce lower back pain with a variety of exercises and use of some equipment. Young or old, a strong core and back can help to prevent muscle injury and promote good posture. Strengthening your core also helps with balance and stability, which can become a greater issue as we age.

Strengthening your abs and back can reap many positive health benefits, so we encourage you to try out this special class. Our instructors will provide modifications based on level of ability, so you feel welcome and refreshed every single class.

To keep up to date with class schedules, visit our schedules page on our website for the Northern Dauphin County YMCA!

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