Hip Hop Hustle

Help your kids stay active while having LOTS of fun with our Hip Hop Hustle class for kids, available at the East Shore YMCA! Your kids will love this class as it blends hip hop and fitness into an easy-to-follow, fun dance class. Children will enjoy grooving to the rhythm while strengthening various muscles in the body and burning off calories.

Hip Hop Fitness Classes for Kids

The Hip Hop Hustle class was developed to provide dance moves that are simple and fun for kids to follow and even take home with them! Staying active through arm and leg movements helps kids express themselves through music in an exciting, group environment.

Dancing to music is one of the most effective methods of exercise for kids and adults. Not only does it help make your heart and lungs stronger, but it helps to improve balance and coordination at a young age! This whole body workout helps your kids to stay active, laugh, and have fun. Staying active at any age is important, and our Hip Hop Hustle class allows children to burn off excess energy through fun, interactive dance exercises with friends!

So, join in on the fun and sign up for the Hip Hop Hustle class today. Visit our schedules page to find out when this class is available at the East Shore YMCA!

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