Kids & Family

Healthy Living and Youth Development are two of our major areas of focus at the Harrisburg Area YMCA. We not only value the development of youth in our community, but their families, as well. At the Y, it is our desire to give kids and family the opportunity to work out in our facilities together through various classes and programs that promote health and fun.  Our classes provide the opportunity for parents to lead by example in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with their kids!

Family Fitness Classes

With positive encouragement and a family-friendly atmosphere, the Harrisburg Area YMCA is a great place for kids and family. That’s why we’ve provided classes such as Family Fitness and Hip Hop Hustle that give kids and family the opportunity to get fit!

Available at certain times of the year, the YMCA gives peace of mind to parents by providing a safe and positive place for their kids to interact with others, release lots of energy, and enjoy every second of their class! Whether you’re looking to work out with your kids, or find a place for your kids to stay fit while you take your favorite class, the Harrisburg Area YMCA wants to provide options for parents who are looking to get healthy.

So join us at the Harrisburg Area YMCA for our kids and family fitness programs that help to not only strengthen muscles, but strengthen relationships, as well. Visit our schedules page to find out when programs are available at a YMCA branch near you!

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