CIZE® Fitness Classes

Dancing as exercise? Who knew a fitness class to music could be so fun?

CIZE® is the end of exerCIZE, so forget about push-ups, power jumps, or pumping iron and say goodbye to traditional workouts! CIZE® doesn’t feel like a workout—just a bunch of crazy-fun dance moves put to the hottest, hippest music. If you enjoy working out to upbeat music to keep your blood pumping and your endorphins flowing, this fitness class will certainly exceed your expectations!

Maybe dancing is in your DNA. Or perhaps you’ve got two left feet and truly wish you didn’t. But no matter what level you’re at, CIZE® routines are easy to learn and fun to do. And best of all, you can let loose, dance your heart out, and have the time of your life. CIZE® is a Beachbody fitness class that offers cardiovascular conditioning, muscle toning, and core strengthening exercises. We encourage you to give it your all in this class, and we’ll teach you the moves to get there!

At the Harrisburg Area YMCA, we seek to provide quality fitness classes with modifications to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Whether you’re confident in your dancing ability or not, this class will keep you on your toes, burning calories, and improving your endurance.  If you’re interested in dancing away calories in a group fitness environment, visit your local YMCA schedules page to find out when a when a class is available at a branch near you.

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