Cardio Fusion

Cardio Fusion Classes

Want to strengthen your cardio and work on body sculpting all in one class? Then Cardio Fusion at the East Shore YMCA is the right class for you!

Challenge your body in this muscle-strengthening cardio class! This program fuses together cardio movements and body sculpting to leave your body feeling overall stronger. It is a total strengthening workout that mixes in lots of cardio to help strengthen your lungs along with your muscle groups. Cardio Fusion helps increase flexibility, burns maximum calories, and defines core muscles. Walk away from this class feeling stronger, healthier, and more energized with every visit!

It’s important to mix up your cardio exercises with power-strengthening poses and techniques. With this class, you can do both. Various cardio segments are included to mix things up along with resistance strength training. It’s a full-body workout that checks all the boxes!

Don’t miss out on this incredible group exercise class that will help keep your body in maximum shape! Visit our schedules page to find out when Cardio Fusion is available at the East Shore YMCA.

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