Let’s face it – the YMCA is fun! The Harrisburg community is a wonderful, vibrant, and exciting place to live and work, and the YMCA is proud to be a part of it all. Our membership branches are located in the heart of our neighborhoods, and offer many programs that have small or no fee to the participants. These events are designed to introduce the YMCA to a larger audience and share our mission with everyone who walks through our doors. Making sure that our community is included is so important; we have made an ongoing commitment to ensure all are welcome.

At the Y, we believe that everyone, no matter what their circumstances, deserves to live a healthy, whole and responsible life. That is why we have taken a focus on Social Responsibility. Every day, we serve a diverse group of children, adults, families and seniors from every socioeconomic background. Programs are innovative, engaging, and forward-thinking. And because of the Harrisburg community and their dedication to the YMCA, we are poised to do more. None of the community programs we provide would be possible without the many volunteers, board members, donors and staff that ensures our mission is offered to everyone in the community.

Our Mission: To aid in the spiritual, mental and physical development of each person

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Aligning with our mission committed to aid in the spiritual, mental and physical development of each person, the social services of the Harrisburg Area Y are designed to meet the needs of our community. Programs for affordable housing, shower passes, homeschool gym and swim programs, free community events, special memberships, financial aid, special needs programs and community service projects allow our members and partners to interact with the Harrisburg community on a regular basis.

We love our community, and we know you do too! Get involved with the YMCA today and learn how being a part of the YMCA makes our community just a little bit brighter.

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