Senior Aquacize

senior aquacize

Senior Aquacize Classes

Aquatics classes are a great way for seniors to stay fit and avoid injury. The Harrisburg Area YMCA seeks to provide classes for all fitness levels and abilities, which is why we’re developed our Senior Aquacize class at the Y!

Senior Aquazice is an aquatic fitness class for the older adult or beginner exerciser.  The class includes stretching, muscle toning, and aerobic exercises performed in shallow water. Our indoor pools provide comfortable temperatures to help relax your muscles and facilitate a great workout.

Various water aerobics exercises are incorporated to help you burn calories and improve cardiovascular conditioning. These exercises are performed in approximately waist-deep water with little to no stress on the back and hips.

Participants will utilize various fitness equipment and water weights in order to help with resistance and muscle strengthening. The natural resistance of the water helps create fluid exercises for the body and the buoyancy of the water promotes no impact on your joints.  By strengthening muscles and increasing bone mass, participants can benefit from greater balance control, fewer chance of injury, and overall improved health.

Our certified instructors will promote a safe and comfortable environment for all and modifications are available upon request. Please visit your local YMCA schedules page on the website to find out when this class is available at a branch near you!

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