Deep Water Exercise

deep water exercise

Deep Water Exercise Classes

A deep water exercise class sounds high intensity, but blended with the no-impact water environment, it’s perfect for anyone looking to strengthen major muscle groups and improve endurance!

This deep water exercise class provides an overall workout using all muscle groups.  In deep water, the class incorporates a balanced workout that includes warm-up, aerobic training and cool down. Various strength, toning and flexibility stretching are practiced in the water, and due to the natural resistance of the water, the muscles will strengthen faster than one land with similar exercises.

Participants will enjoy burning calories with cardio and strengthening muscles without impact on the body.  By suspending the body in deep water, the body has a greater range of motion with fewer limitations.

Confidence in deep water is strongly suggested to take the course as all deep water exercise classes will be held in the deep well of the pool.  Intensity level and equipment used during the classes vary by instructor.  Various flotation devices are sometimes incorporated to aid in the exercises.

Deep Water Exercise is available at select Harrisburg Area YMCA branches. Program is open to Harrisburg Area YMCA Adult Members and to program members for an additional fee. Visit your local YMCA schedules page on the website to find out when this class is available at a branch near you!

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