Youth Swim Lessons

The Harrisburg Area YMCA offers youth swim lessons for children ages 6-12 years. For our older swimmers, we focus on endurance, pool and personal safety, skill development and lifesaving techniques.


This is our youth swim lessons beginner level for those who are uncomfortable in the water or haven’t ever taken swim lessons. We teach basic water skills including floating and kicking. Swimmers in this level require help from an Instructional Flotation Device or assistance from their instructor at all times.


We help swimmers begin to refine their personal safety skills and strokes while they increase their endurance level. Students should be able to swim 25 yards (the length of the pool) with or without a flotation device and their face in the water. Treading water, Side and Back paddling are introduced. We slowly introduce deeper water so that swimmers can increase their independence.


Swimmers at this youth swim lessons level can swim 1 pool length with good rotary breathing. Swimmers learn to perfect the front crawl and backstroke, while we introduce them to the breaststroke and sidestroke.


Our intermediate youth swim lessons class in which swimmers continue to work on floating, treading and Instructional Flotation Device skills while learning new skills like the butterfly stroke and competitive turns and starts.

Flying Fish/Shark

Our most advanced youth swim lessons level in which swimmers continue to work on their strokes and turns, incorporating rescue and snorkeling skills. Swimmers should be able to swim all 5 strokes (front crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke, backstroke and elementary backstroke) for a minimum of 100 yards with open turns, swim the butterfly stroke for 25-50 yards with or without fins and demonstrate the steps for CPR on a mannequin.

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