Parent-Child Swim Lessons

The Harrisburg Area YMCA offers parent-child swim lesson levels for children between 6-36 months old. Class ratios are 1:10. Children are introduced to the water through group activities and games, while a parent accompanies them in the pool. Skills are introduced at the child’s development level and build on each other as the child progresses. Basic skills are taught through songs and fun games. All children must wear a swim diaper under their swimsuit.

Aquatots (6-36 Months)

These parent-child swim lessons encourage the bond of trust between parent and child, demonstrate fun activities to do together, introduce a few basic swimming skills and teach parents how to supervise their children in and around the water. Parents must accompany child in the pool. Children still wearing diapers must wear a swim diaper under their bathing suit.

Pike with Parent (24-36 Months)

Children will be learning the “Pre-School” skills with the help of an instructor while parents are with the child in the water. Ideal for the child too old for Aquatots and is afraid or is timid in the water without Mom or Dad. Only one parent is allowed in the water with child.

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