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Finding Victory at the West Shore YMCA!

We asked for your #MyYVictory stories, and you shared some great ones! Here are two stories from our West Shore YMCA! John has been attending the water walking class at the West Shore YMCA for about a year.  He used to power through the class all the time, thinking he was getting more out of […]

Swimming Lessons FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Starting Swimming Lessons

Although it’s true that many people learn to swim with a few tips from a friend or family member, formal swim lessons from an experienced instructor can help refine technique and ensure a solid knowledge of key water safety principles. If you’re thinking of signing your child up for swimming lessons or you want to […]

A Pool Of Support: Pennsylvania Homes

  Pennsylvania Homes recently featured us in an article about The Harrisburg YMCA: A Pool of Support. Check out some of what they have to offer for Pennsylvania Real Estate.

YMCA Summer Camps: What’s Next?

From the first year that I was old enough to register, there wasn’t a single summer I didn’t spend going to some sort of camp. From day camps to sports training to musical theater camps, my summers were booked solid. And to tell you the truth, I loved every minute of it. I loved know […]

Diabetes Prevention Program: Wendy & Cindy’s Victories

The Northern Dauphin County YMCA provides help for individuals in the community who are at risk for diabetes with the National Diabetes Prevention Program. This program is designed to encourage participants to practice healthy eating and physical activity in their everyday lives. The following are letters from two participants who were greatly impacted by the program. Wendy […]

Tutoring: How Successful Is It?

I was lucky to have a mother who tutored math, part time. She helped high school and college students in Calculus, Geometry, Algebra, and Trigonometry in the comfort of her home. She did not actively promote her own business, but somehow would still maintain a consistent flow of students coming to her for help. I remember sitting in […]

Group Exercise: Together Is Better

I had never done Yoga before, but she said she’d pay for me to go, so I thought – why not? My doctor told me that I had the “flexibility of an average man,” so I wasn’t hopeful to begin with. She reassured me that we would laugh at ourselves if we couldn’t do all […]

Top 7 Best Places to Run in the Harrisburg Area

It’s happened again: Your running sneakers are calling you. They’re begging for the chance to carry you to new destinations. They’re pleading for awesome routes and exciting adventures. But you’re hesitant — after all, you’ve kind of lost interest in going for the same old run around your neighborhood again. What you need isn’t to […]

Basketball: Benefiting Since The Beginning

Sweat dripped from my brow as I looked around the court. I had only a few seconds left to pass the ball in – no one was open. They were pressing us. I yelled “Help!” Immediately, the girls down the court began running towards me yelling “Here, here!” and “I’m open!” Meanwhile, the two girls […]

Over-70 Under Handball Tournament at the East Shore Y

On May 31st, 2015, a group of handball players at the East Shore Y organized a very special and unique event. Long-time Y members Mike Petroskie and John Brinjac put together an over-70 handball tournament. In this tournament, a player that was over 70 teamed up with a player that was under 70. All in all, there were 8 […]

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