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Allergy & Asthma Awareness Month

Allergies. If you have them, you know they’re not fun at all. In fact, you may have even dubbed spring to be your least favorite season because of the pollen alone. And for some individuals, along with allergies comes asthma – a lung disease that closes your lungs and makes it difficult or even impossible to […]

National Women’s Health Week

Mother’s Day, a day when we celebrate our mothers by showering them with love, is this Sunday, May 8th. But what you may not have known is that this Sunday also marks the start of National Women’s Health Week – a week set aside to encourage women across the country to take on a healthier […]

Water Safety – What You Know Could Save A Life

Water safety can be the difference between life and death for many. Whether you have young ones who are just learning how to swim or you’re not a strong swimmer yourself and you get a little concerned about ocean tides, knowing water safety can help you feel more comfortable in the water. However, these tips […]

60 Days Till Summer!

Things seem to slow down in the summer months. From family vacations at the beach, weekend camping trips, firework displays, picnics, and exploring the great outdoors, summer is a time for friends and families to get together and enjoy the sunshine.

How A Yoga Class Changed My Perspective

Flexibility isn’t my strong suit. In accordance with that, neither is Yoga. I’ve tried Yoga classes a few times in the past, but never at the YMCA. I’m told those who stay active in their 20’s will have a healthier track record in their later years. So, taking this to heart, I decided to try […]

Healthy Kids Day – Building Stronger Kids

Summer is a great time for kids to stay active and healthy. With no school during the summer, warmer weather invites children to play outside and enjoy the sunshine. Unfortunately, although there is great potential for kids to keep their minds and bodies active during the summer, it’s too often that they experience learning loss […]

How to Get Into the Healthy Eating Mindset

In the 21st century, we all know that health begins with healthy eating habits. Why then is it so hard to figure out how to stick to healthy eating? The aisles of the grocery store, the posters in the doctor’s office and even certain commercials on TV use bright colors and bold lettering to advertise […]

Active Lifestyles – No Time Like The Present

Maintaining an active lifestyle can be difficult. As the weather warms up and we fall into spring, we can be tempted to go outside in the sunshine, go for walks or jogs over lunch breaks, and breathe in the fresh air of a new season. But what about when those rainy days come, or when […]

5 Foods and Their Healthy Alternatives

Proper nutrition is important for any healthy lifestyle. The diet/exercise ratio is 70% proper eating, 30% exercise. Thus, what you put into your body holds much more weight than what you are burning off. Making healthy eating choices every day can impact your emotional, mental, and physical health in a positive way. So, in order […]

What You Didn’t Know About Leap Day

366 days in 2016. The Leap Year event happens every four years, adding an extra day to our calendar year in February. The reasoning behind this phenomenon is astronomical – as in the earth’s complete orbit around the sun takes an average of 365.25 days. Thus, to compensate for the extra ¼ of a day, […]

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