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Preparing for Kindergarten

Bittersweet is the day when parents say goodbye to their young ones on their first day of school. If you have a child who is attending kindergarten for the first time this fall, you’re likely either breathing a sigh of relief or your heart is breaking just thinking about it.

Set Up Your Account With Daxko!

Daxko Operations is here! We are excited to announce that the Harrisburg Area YMCA has changed its program registration system from Trinexum to Daxko Operations to manage programs, memberships, and donations. This similar, but more updated system is now officially live on our website and available for online access.

Healthy Foods: The Public Vs. The Experts

Have you ever thought that your perception of what foods are healthy and what foods are unhealthy might be misguided? Have you ever planned your diet around the newest “healthy food” craze and neglected to research its health benefits? If you’ve done either or both of these things, we hope to shed some light on […]

Healthy Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Traveling long distance to family or friends? Whether you’re cooking the turkey or simply bringing a side, most of America will be doing one thing in common this Thanksgiving day – eating. How do we prepare for such a large, holiday meal while staying healthy, you ask? Here are […]

November: Lung Cancer Awareness Month

It’s Lung Cancer Awareness Month. In order to raise awareness, it’s important to understand the facts behind the disease and how you and your loved ones can reduce their risk and make a difference in their health.

Movember For Men’s Health

It’s November – which means men all over the country are growing mustaches. But not because they look great in a mustache. They’re doing it for a cause called: “Movember.”

5 Healthy Fall Foods

It’s that time again! A new season means new seasonal ingredients for delicious dishes! We’re going to look at the top 5 healthy fall foods and their nutritional benefits and recipes. After all, eating in season is a great way to get inexpensive produce and try new meals.

Happy Healthy Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner! The famous holiday known for its jack-o-lanterns, costumes, spookiness, and trick or treat nights is also known for its unhealthy amount of sweets and candy. Whether you’re taking your kids out for trick or treat, or hosting your own Halloween party for friends, an excess of candy may seem […]

Wearing Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness

October is the month to wear pink. Men, women, athletes, celebrities and more are spreading awareness throughout the month of October for Breast Cancer by sporting pink attire and the pink breast cancer ribbon. Though wearing pink is an effective method of raising awareness for this disease, it’s important to understand the facts of breast […]

My Story: Healthy Living Program Testimonials

The Harrisburg Area YMCA has recently embarked on a Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Initiative to expand the LiveSTRONG at the YMCA, National Diabetes Prevention, and Tobacco Cessation programs in our Harrisburg Area YMCAs. Many lives have been positively impacted by these programs, and we would like to share some of their testimonies.

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