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Healthy Back To School Tips

It’s back-to-school time! Which means books, bags, pencils, lunches, buses, sports, new clothes & friends, and all the rest that a new school year brings. With all the running around and the chaos that can become a new year, it’s important to be remember that your health and your kid’s health matters. That’s why we’ve provided […]

Know Your Benefits: YMCA Reciprocity

During the summer months and the holiday seasons, we travel. Whether it’s over to the next county to visit a friend or to the opposite side of the state to visit relatives, jobs, vacation, holidays, weddings, and family are just a few of the reasons we might spend a few nights, or even a week […]

The Benefits of Sports

As we watch the summer Olympics this week, most of the world stands amazed at the physical and mental capabilities of athletes across the world – athletes who have exercised, trained, and practiced nearly their entire lives for the opportunity to compete in the Olympics.

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