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Fighting Age with a Healthy Lifetsyle

We all age. And as we age, we find that daily, simple tasks become just a little harder. The risk for disease increases with age along with hearing and vision loss. With aging also comes fatigue. It can be difficult as we get older to stay as active as we used to, for multiple reasons. Incremental changes, […]

National Learn to Swim Day

Swimming is one of those abilities we can often take for granted. Every summer, many look forward to jumping in the pool, playing in the ocean, boating on the lake, etc. How easy and freeing it is not to worry about our ability to tread water?

Allergy & Asthma Awareness Month

Allergies. If you have them, you know they’re not fun at all. In fact, you may have even dubbed spring to be your least favorite season because of the pollen alone. And for some individuals, along with allergies comes asthma – a lung disease that closes your lungs and makes it difficult or even impossible to […]

National Women’s Health Week

Mother’s Day, a day when we celebrate our mothers by showering them with love, is this Sunday, May 8th. But what you may not have known is that this Sunday also marks the start of National Women’s Health Week – a week set aside to encourage women across the country to take on a healthier […]

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