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How to Get Into the Healthy Eating Mindset

In the 21st century, we all know that health begins with healthy eating habits. Why then is it so hard to figure out how to stick to healthy eating? The aisles of the grocery store, the posters in the doctor’s office and even certain commercials on TV use bright colors and bold lettering to advertise […]

Active Lifestyles – No Time Like The Present

Maintaining an active lifestyle can be difficult. As the weather warms up and we fall into spring, we can be tempted to go outside in the sunshine, go for walks or jogs over lunch breaks, and breathe in the fresh air of a new season. But what about when those rainy days come, or when […]

5 Foods and Their Healthy Alternatives

Proper nutrition is important for any healthy lifestyle. The diet/exercise ratio is 70% proper eating, 30% exercise. Thus, what you put into your body holds much more weight than what you are burning off. Making healthy eating choices every day can impact your emotional, mental, and physical health in a positive way. So, in order […]

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